What is with Virtual Assistance Services lately?

What is with Virtual Assistance Services lately?

Did you experience boom of emails from Virtual Assistants? It has been noticeable increase of such emails with domains ending on @…vas.com

Who are these scammers and what is behind it? We made a research and sharing with you.

  1. This type of emails is scam.
  2. These emails usually originate from overseas and not from USA.
  3. When you try to speak with these scammers, you will hear strong accent and horrible language.
  4. You give them your information and it will be turned against you.

There are also phone calls with similar offers. It is suggested that you DO NOT engage in any business with such people.

What are VA (Virtual Assistance) Scams?

Virtual assistant scams can be presented in a lot of different ways, but they essentially boil down to the same thing all other scams do.

They work to get something from you that helps them and leaves you hanging high and dry.

This can be in the form of getting free labor/services, up front “bonus” payments, or not fulfilling payments that were due at all. Most of the time, the people that are using these tactics are doing these things specifically to harm the person they target.

There’s of course circumstances where client’s refuse to pay an invoice or just simply forget to do so, but that’s very different than an actual scam. Because a scam is something that’s intentionally harmful from the very beginning.

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