About Business Directory Backlinks

About Business Directory Backlinks

What is directory Link Building?

The process of web directory link building involves adding your website’s link—or links—to a directory submission site, which is a bit like a database of websites.

Think of it like an old-fashioned Yellow Pages book where you can find the details of local businesses simply by flipping through a few alphabetized pages.

In the past, this link building tactic was misused by people trying to get as many backlinks as possible.

Directories usually index businesses by niche, location, or category.

Directories allow users instantly access your business details, including your contact details, website URL, and physical address.

After completing your directory submission, you will need to wait for it to be approved before you gain the backlink to your website.

Reasons you should add your site to directories

Now that you know what directory link building is, let’s take a look at some compelling benefits of incorporating directory backlinks into your link building strategy.

  1. Having your links listed on a directory can boost your site’s credibility and build trust. Customers can see your business information and reviews, and that’s a big positive in the eyes of Google.
  2. Backlinks can positively impact your website’s authority – Good directory links can provide some SEO benefit.
  3. Traffic! a directory backlink can act as a continuous source of referral traffic from people who are searching for specific services.

The Criteria for a Good Quality Web Directory

Los Angles Business Web is an online directory, here are some ideas on how to determine the quality of an online directory:

  • If the directory is too general and does not have a specific and relevant niche or location, it won’t be useful to have your link on the site.
  • You’ll want to avoid a directory if the website doesn’t filter out low-quality backlinks or spam, and just about anyone can get their link listed. Our directory is being edited by human, manually.
  • Look for directories that have human editors rather than bots that do all the work. A high-quality directory will have real humans reviewing every link submission. We filter out submission of Los Angeles businesses only.
  • Evaluate the overall design and visual appeal of the website. If it looks like a mess and contains excessive spelling issues, it’s not the kind of site you want your backlink to be associated with, as it negates the trust you want to build.

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