Get on Pacific Ocean adventure with UNIQ! Your complete guide for hiring a luxury yacht in Los Angeles

Get on Pacific Ocean adventure with UNIQ! Your complete guide for hiring a luxury yacht in Los Angeles

We’ve all seen pictures of celebrities sipping champagne while lounging in a hot tub aboard a luxurious yacht. In addition to being a symbol of wealth, exclusivity, and sophistication, yachts offer a very glamorous, adventurous, and relaxing experience at sea.

While we may not all be able to afford a couple of million dollars to buy one of these prestigious vessels, it’s possible to enjoy the spoils of the rich by taking advantage of yacht charters.

This article explores some benefits to hiring a yacht and the activities you can enjoy, alongside potential rent prices and packages.

How fun is it to rent a yacht?

Yacht hire comes with many benefits and things to enjoy. So, whether you’re looking for the luxury yacht experience or a fun way to explore L.A., here are some reasons chartering a yacht is great fun.

1. Enjoy a customized experience

A luxury yacht generally comes with a crew that includes a captain, cleaning staff, chef, and other essential personnel to make your experience at sea wholesome and most enjoyable. A yacht chef, for instance, ensures you don’t have to rely on pre-packaged foods. He can whip up fine cuisines to match your cravings or mood at any time.

2. Amazing amenities

Traditionally boats were purely designed for transportation, but a luxury yacht is more of a floating hotel. Depending on the type and size you choose to rent, your yacht can come equipped with a hot tub, steam room, spa, gourmet kitchens and much more. Some yachts even have smaller boats for day excursions and for activities such as fishing, sailing, and wake surfing.

A yacht offers the luxury amenities of a five-star hotel in a vacation spot of your choosing without sacrificing the comforts of home.

3. Unparalleled freedom

Generally speaking, a yacht can basically take you wherever you want to go. There are no imposed restrictions. Your success, however, will depend on the type of yacht you charter and whether it’s designed for your preferred voyage.

Other factors at play include whether you’re captaining the ship by yourself, the forms of auxiliary power aboard the vessel, and how often you plan to refuel and replenish your supplies.

Whether you just want to explore the coastline or your dream is to yacht worldwide, there is a yacht designed specifically for your adventures.

4. Added privacy

Would you like to enjoy your vacation without the fear of unannounced gate crashers?

A rented yacht can certainly guarantee you absolute privacy and serenity. These vessels are only accessible to guests and designated staff, making it impossible for unwanted attendees to barge in unannounced.

5. Promotes socializing

Yachts offer an intimate cruise experience not just for couples but also for family and friends.

They create a confined environment free of distractions that prompts conversation and foster a sense of camaraderie among people. This makes a yacht an amazing place to rekindle romances and hold family get-togethers.

Why rent from UNIQ?

Have you always dreamed of exploring the beaches of Southern California or Miami in an exclusive private yacht? Perhaps your fantasy is taking to the open waters, feeling the gust of the wind in your hair with a glass of bubbly in one hand while surrounded by your family and loved ones. Well, you can make this dream a reality by taking advantage of our luxury yacht charter services.

About us

Founded in 2010, UNIQ offers some of the finest luxury charter yachts in the world. Whether you’re looking for a classic sailing yacht, a luxury motor yacht, or even a crewed superyacht, to name a few, we can help meet your luxury yacht charter needs.

Our well-maintained luxurious fleet and highly specialized crew of professionals guarantee to deliver a highly memorable yachting experience that will stay with you forever.

At UNIQ, we have a solid track record of customer satisfaction. We’ve accomplished this by ensuring our yachts deliver the absolute best impressions and comfort. This is especially beneficial to you if you plan on using our vessels for business purposes to impress clients and help close deals.

Here are other reasons why you should rent from UNIQ.

1. We prioritize your safety

All our vessels are routinely inspected and undergo necessary maintenance to ensure they perform at optimum levels and are extremely safe for all our clients. In addition, we ensure all our equipment is at par with the prescribed regulations and our crew members are highly experienced and have the necessary training to respond to emergencies should they arise.

Likewise, our safety measures extend to other water sports and activities that may be undertaken aboard our yacht. Windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, or any other water sports you choose to indulge in are considered and guidelines offered for maximum safety.

2. Competitive rates

We offer highly competitive rates. Whether you’re looking for a skippered yacht, bareboat yacht, or even a luxury crewed yacht, you can rest assured we have a solution for you at a great price. Contact us to get a quote.

3. Excellent service

Aboard our private yacht, you’ll enjoy delectable meals from a highly experienced gourmet chef to satiate your tastes and mood. You’ll also enjoy the nautical skills of the captain, who will take you wherever you want as well as the services of other crew members on standby at your beck and call.

Get started today

Our boats can be rented anywhere between 4-24 hours a day, thus giving you ample time to chill out with business folks, family and friends while enjoying the oceanic view and luxury amenities.

Our Los Angeles rentals take off from Marina del Rey. We also have other sailboat rentals in the surrounding cities of Long Beach, San Diego, and New Port. Suppose you live in the L.A. metropolitan area, then Marina del Rey is the best option to access our boats. The other locations are more suitable for those with easy access to L. A’s south side.

Contact us today! We promise to deliver a truly remarkable experience.

What is included in rent prices?

Are you thinking of renting a yacht to host a corporate event, birthday party, or wedding?

All features considered a yacht can be cheaper and provide more value than other venues with similar facilities. But how much does it cost, and what exactly is included in the rental price?

There’s no straightforward answer to this question. A lot of factors play a role in shaping the cost of charting a yacht. Some of these factors include:

(a) Cost of fuel

This has a direct effect on the rent price. When fuel prices go up, companies are forced to raise their overall prices or risk incurring losses. Since the company is paying more for fuel, the clients will consequently be charged more to bridge the gap.

(b) Docking fees

Docking areas are priced differently based on their location and proximity to amenities such as restaurants and stores. Such locations are considered to be prime and attract higher fees which trickle down to the end consumer.

The docking fees are also influenced by the size of the boat, with larger boats attracting higher fees.

(c) Personnel wages

The more educated and experienced the yacht captain and crew, the higher the expected pay. This high wage is absorbed to a great extent by the client.

(d) The yacht

The yacht accounts for the greatest percentage of the final price. Factors such as the size of the boat, the year it was built, the builder, the number of years it has served, the scale of the amenities present onboard the yacht, and its reputation all affect pricing. A boat branded as being the “most luxurious” or one that was previously owned or built by a famous person will be priced more competitively.

(e) The season

High seasons such as summer attract more tourists and increase the demand for the boats, causing a spike in prices.

(f) Route and destination

The charter route and destination you choose also contribute to the rental cost.

Prices generally increase in areas where there are a few large charter fleets due to the limited availability of luxury boats. This is further exasperated in the summer/high season months when the demand rises exponentially due to an influx of tourists.

(g) Maintenance fees

Maintenance costs vary depending on the type of yacht, and they tend to account for a significant portion of the annual operating costs. For example, a boat’s engines may need annual repairs, upgrades, and refits, and the interiors may lose their initial appeal and need to be replaced. Or the yacht may need a new coat of paint requiring every single piece of hardware to be moved for painting and then returned to its place, and so forth. These activities can rack up a significant sum, especially in giant boats, and the cost will ultimately trickle down to the clients.

If you’re concerned about lowering your expenses, you can ask your yacht charter company only to charge you for the yacht and exclude the running expenses such as food, fuel etc. which you can pay later separately.

This option may sound attractive to some, but sometimes even this route may not be cheaper depending on the circumstances.

That’s why it’s always advisable to thoroughly do your research before you sign on the dotted line.

Rent plan

Renting a yacht can be exhilarating. However, it requires you to take into consideration a wide range of factors such as the type of yacht to charter, the duration, the season, and so forth, that all contribute towards the final rent cost.

Usually, people will hire a broker to handle the chartering process and skip the hassle of navigating the contract. But if you’re a hands-on person and you enjoy doing things by yourself, or you just want to learn about the chartering process to get the best possible deal, then this post is for you.

We’ll cover the different rental plans available for high-end luxury boats.

There are basically three.

1) Bareboat charters
2) Crewed charters
3) Shared lease

Bareboat Charter

This is a contractual agreement that gives the charterer, a.k.a. the company or individual renting the vessel, full ownership over the vessel and its operations in the duration of the charter. Basically, the charterer is responsible for the day-to-day expenses such as fuel, maintenance, port fees, insurance, and so forth. The charterer is also regarded as the boat’s captain and is responsible for steering the vessel.

As the name implies, only the bare essentials are provided, and when the charter term ends, the yacht must be returned in perfect condition; otherwise, the charterer risks losing some, if not all, of the bonds paid in advance.

Crewed Charters

It basically involves hiring the yacht and all the crew members required to manage the boat and prepare gourmet meals. The chartering company is responsible for maintaining the ship and is liable for any issues that may occur.

Luxury crew charters are very common in the United States. They tend to cost more than bareboat charters due to the extra services.

Shared Lease

In this charter, members have the freedom to try out different boats in an entire fleet without the obligation to commit to one in particular.

Like with crewed charters, the chartering company is responsible for full ownership and maintenance of the boats, so the members are free to enjoy their time out at sea. However, members are required to part with an all-inclusive fee in advance in order to get access to the company’s fleet.

Which rent plan is the most suitable for you?

Here are some factors to keep in mind.

(a)Your budget

If you’d like a bareboat charter, make sure you have the required funds upfront to pay the mandatory rental fee, insurance premiums and bond. You may also need to have the cash upfront to hire a qualified captain if you don’t have experience steering a yacht.

(b)The boat

Which boat will best support your desired activities? How many passengers would you like it to accommodate? Once you’ve identified your needs, you can rule out certain rent options like the shared leasing since, under this agreement, you are not obligated to access a specific boat but rather any boat that’s available during a given season. Depending on your scheduled activities and entourage, this can really inconvenience you.

(c) The chartering company’s record

Does the company have a reputation for delivering high-quality services? If not, you may have to stick to bareboat agreements and hire your own personal captain and crew, especially if you’re trying to impress clients.

What to do when you rent a yacht?

Would you like to rent a yacht in Los Angeles or Miami, but you’re not quite sure what you would do on your luxury boat cruise?

Here are six activities you can partake with your friends and family for a memorable bonding experience.

1. Fishing

Some boats come with sophisticated fishing equipment to help you reel in that swordfish or barracuda, and Miami is one of the top fishing destinations. Imagine catching bass and having your expert gourmet chef serve it to you for dinner. Amazing!

2. Water sports

These include jet snorkeling, windsurfing, scuba diving, wakeboarding, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, to name but a few.

Keep in mind, though, that charter companies do not rent or supply water sporting gear. If you plan on partaking in these activities, you need to invest in your own personal equipment.

3. Sailing

Never sailed before? Take this opportunity to learn and perfect this art form. Ask your more experienced companions to guide you and make it a wholesome adventure.

4. Dinner with a stunning view

One favorite habit of boaters is pulling up to a dock, ordering a tasty meal and taking it back on board to enjoy while gazing at the picturesque scene of the sun setting over the horizon. Afterwards, you can even gaze at the stars and enjoy the cool night breeze.

5. Sightseeing

A yacht rental can dock in obscure places where larger commercial vessels can’t. This allows you to visit multiple areas and small villages, towns and habitations that aren’t easily accessible to the public, making your sightseeing experience more interesting and exclusive.

6. Do Nothing

Some people enjoy kicking back and just relaxing on the yacht. They can just chill and talk with their loved ones as they sunbathe and enjoy drinks and gourmet meals prepared by the crew. It’s also a great way to bond with family and de-stress your life.

Is it really worth it?

It’s true that a yacht requires a lot of money to buy. The cheapest ones are around $1 million, and sales prices can easily get past 100 times that amount!

That’s just for the vessel. You still need to factor in the fuel, maintenance costs, the wages for hiring a captain and a yacht crew, among other expenses.

Indeed, yachts are very expensive to own. However, you don’t need huge sums of money to enjoy one. A yacht rental service ensures you can partake in the perks without enduring the hardships and stresses of buying one.

In addition, as a client, you can customize your experience and determine how much you’d like to pay for a luxurious trip by deciding things like the size of the yacht to rent, the duration, the destination, whether you’d like an onboard crew to prepare food and be at your beck and call, etc.

Some activities you can partake in on a yacht include water sports, sightseeing, fishing, and just plain lounging and sunbathing while taking in the oceanic views.

If you’re the type of person who loves the ocean and you’d love to do something fun such as a get-together with friends or family, a private yacht will provide you with a truly remarkable once-in-a-lifetime experience accorded to celebrities and the super-rich.

So yes, the perks of renting a yacht are significant, and the resulting experiences far supersede the financial investment.

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